Ankle fractures and Sprain are two different entities. Ankle injuries are by far one of the commonest orthopedic injuries. It’s very common because as you walk you might just twist your ankle and that can lead to an injury. This injury can be a sprain or a fracture.

What is a sprain?

A sprain is an injury to the ligament. A sprain occurs when one or more of your ligaments has been stretched twisted or torn.


What is a ligament?

The ligament is a connective tissue that connects two bones which form a joint. Two bones form a joint and a connecting tissue that runs from the other bone to this bone is called a ligament.


Sprain VS Broken bone

So when the ligament gets injured so that is called a sprain. The bone which it is connecting breaks you call a fracture (broken bone). So there are two different entities that can happen for a similar type of injury.




For example, when you’re walking you know your ankle might just twist and might have a fault. This can lead to either a ligament injury or a bony injury.

Bony injury is a fracture and a ligament injury is a sprain. So depending on which is the injury your recorded period, will be accordingly.

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How much time does it take Sprain to recover?

It is recommended you should stop using a sprained joint because the injury will heal quicker. If you begin to move it as soon as possible, but avoid overusing it.

So a sprain generally takes three to five weeks to heal by the end of six weeks you should be able to walk normally and do most of your activates as you would be doing earlier.

A total recovery period meaning the internal healing may take another six weeks. So a total of about two and a half to three months it will heal completely.

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How much time does it take a fracture to recover?

A fracture will take a longer time to heal because a bone to bone healing or bone to the bone union will take a longer time to happen.

So the healing period is a minimum of six to eight weeks and the further recovery will be another one and a half to two months to get your complete moment to do all your activities.