Types of Joints

6 Types Of Joints: Human Anatomy

The joints of the skeleton define the motion of the body and its limitations. This article is about the types of joints in the human body. Joints that are fibrous and cartilaginous hardly move, and some like the connection of the two pubic bones they don’t move at all.  

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Fracture healing feature image

Bone Fracture Healing: Primary and Secondary Procedures

Fracture healing is a specialized type of wound healing comprised of a sequence of inflammation, repair, and remodeling. That can restore the injured bone in the way of fracture heals depends on the amount of movement occurring between the fragments. Where there is some movement at the fracture secondary bone

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Ankle sprain VS Broken Ankle

Ankle Sprain VS Broken Ankle

Ankle fractures and Sprain are two different entities. Ankle injuries are by far one of the commonest orthopedic injuries. It’s very common because as you walk you might just twist your ankle and that can lead to an injury. This injury can be a sprain or a fracture. What is

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Causes of Ankle Fracture

The most common bone and joint injuries are ankle injuries. How you should be careful about your ankle injury is depending upon the degree of pain, inability to walk and if the bone is broken or not. Most of the time, the doctor also has the same concern, is there

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Types of tibia fracture

The long bone located in the lower leg between the knee and foot is known as the shinbone or tibia. Tibia fractures are usually caused by an injury or repetitive strain on the bone and it’s very common. The severity and type of fracture may vary, depending on the cause

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Femur fracture- Symptoms and causes

The bone located in the human thigh is known as the femur bone. It is the longest bone, extending from the hip to the knee. Also, it is the strongest bone in the human body. When the femur bone breaks, it takes a long time to heal. Breaking this bone

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Types of Shoulder Fractures

The scapula (shoulder blade), clavicle (collarbone) and humerus (upper arm bone) are three bones involved in shoulder fractures. All three types of shoulder fractures can cause shoulder pain, swelling and tenderness. Also, it limits the shoulder’s range of motion. Let’s see these three major types of shoulder fractures and how

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