Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a budding treatment option for individuals with orthopaedic problems such as knee arthritis, tendonitis and rotator cuff tears. If you are considering this modernistic treatment, it is important to get familiar with the restrictions you may have during the rehabilitation process which includes learning about precautions you should take after PRP injections.

Precautions after PRP Injection

Each patient’s recovery timeline will be different, depending on how his/her body is responding to PRP. But there are general guidelines you can use to prepare yourself. Here are some precautions after PRP injection which you may be instructed to take. This is divided between the various phases of your rehabilitation:

Phase 1 (0-3 days post-procedure)

In this phase, the primary goals will be to protect the affected joint and manage discomfort. The joint may be immobilized using a walking boot or a sling. You may be advised to use crutches if you receive injections in your knee, foot or ankle.

Phase 2 (3-14 days post-procedure)

These days, you will begin to bear more weight as tolerated and slowly discontinue the use of assistive devices. Also, it is important to continue avoiding activities like lifting and impact exercise that may put too much stress on the tendon.

Phase 3 (14 days to 6-8 weeks post-procedure)

In this phase, the focus will be to achieve a full range of motion while increasing strength and balance. Therapeutic exercises will help you reach these goals. But we advise you to do that under instructions. You should not resume heavy exercise yet and you should avoid activities that cause pain.

Phase 4 (around 6-8 weeks post-procedure)

Up to this phase, patients usually return to their normal activities at full intensity. Soreness may occur after participating in athletics, but it should go away within 24 hours.

This is the general information about PRP Treatment. We recommend you to take your doctor’s advice for proper guidance. We hope this information adds value to your knowledge. Watch out this space for more such information. Greetings for SYS Medtech International PVT. LTD.