2.4mm/2.7mm Variable Angle LCP® Forefoot/Midfoot System

The 2.4 mm / 2.7 mm Variable Angle LCP® Forefoot/Midfoot System is a comprehensive plating system that includes procedure-specific, anatomic plates for osteotomies, fusions and fractures of the foot. The system incorporates variable angle locking screw technology and a compression feature to aid in reconstructive foot surgery.

Implants available in stainless steel and titanium alloy.

Product Catalog

Surgical Technique Guide

Anatomic/Procedure-specific plates

First MTP fusion plates

Opening wedge plates

TMT fusion plates

Cuboid, navicular, and mesh plates

General fusion plates:
T-, L-, and cloverleaf plates
X- and straight fusion plates

Compression Feature

Tactile compression

Designed within the plate to reduce additional soft tissue dissection

Allows final screw fixation after compression is achieved

Variable Angle Locking

2.4 mm and 2.7 mm

Plate holes accept both size screws

2.4 mm/2.7 mm LCP Screws can only be used axially

Variable angle Combi hole

Allows 15° off-axis/30° cone screw angulation