3.5mm LCP® Hook Plate

The 3.5 mm LCP® Hook Plate is part of the Synthes locking compression plate (LCP) System.

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Low profile
Minimal hardware prominence
Hooks provide additional points of fixation
Locking screws provide a fixed-angle construct, which provides advantages in osteopenic bone where traditional screw purchase is compromised

Shaped to provide spring-effect, to aid in reduction
Dual hook configuration facilitates placement

A single 3-hole plate can be used in multiple locations, applied to either the right or left side of the anatomy, resulting in less inventory required

Non-locking hole between the hooks
Allows fracture compression with a lag screw (“home-run screw”)

Elongated non-locking hole
Designed for plate flexibility, and aids in placement and fracture compression

Elongated Combi holes
For controlled compression and optimal plate placement

Rounded edges
Minimize soft tissue irritation