MAST QUADRANT Retractor System

The global leader in today’s spine market, we combine our lifestyle friendly Minimal Access Spinal Technologies (MASTTM), integrated image-guided products and neural monitoring tools to potentially help surgeons shorten surgical and recovery time and return patients more quickly to normal, active lives.

• MASTTM Capable
• Navigation Compatible
• NIM-SPINE® Monitor Ready

The MAST QUADRANTTM Retractor System provides surgeons with next-generation technology that will revolutionize the future of spine care.

Product Catalog

The Latest, Most Versatile and Reproducible Access System that may be used for Fusion Surgery

  1. Allows access for fusion and fixation in one approach, and it provides the surgeon with more versatility and reproducibility to perform fusion surgery with confidence.
  2. Features a familiar dilation technique for ease of use and no additional operating room time.
  3. Provides user-friendly approaches to single- and multiple-level fusion procedures, with multiple modes of visualization — microscopes, loupes, and direct visualization.
  4. Fully compatible with all standard neuromonitoring systems including the NIM-SPINE® System.

This Retractor System is an extension of minimal access spinal technologies (MASTTM). With the addition of interbody options and a CD HoRIzoN® Cannulated Screw, a complete, reproducible, minimally invasive procedural solution is achieved.