MultiLoc® Humeral Nail

MultiLoc Humeral Nails provide a comprehensive system for the treatment of humeral fractures. The innovative screw-in-screw technology offers customizable stability for the individual patient.

Product Catalog

The system includes several innovative features designed specifically for the clinical needs of humeral nailing:

  1. Straight nail with central insertion point designed to avoid potential insertion through the fracture site
  2. Unique screw-in-screw option for improved stability*
  3. Polyethylene inlay for secure screw fixation of the proximal screws
  4. Ascending screw option to provide support to the calcar
  5. Bicortical compression feature designed to increase stability in transverse and short oblique fractures in the long nail
  6. Multiplanar distal locking for less implant toggling
  7. Improved distal locking designed to be in the safe zone between the median and the radial nerve in the long nail