Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail EX

The Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail — EX offers a variety of proximal and distal locking options, giving the surgeon the ability to tailor fixation to the fracture pattern. The Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail — EX is available in a universal design for the left or right tibia, with a 10.5° bend starting at 75 mm proximally and a straight distal segment.

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Surgical Technique Guide

Advanced nail design

Titanium alloy (TAN) for improved mechanical and fatigue properties

Cannulated nails (8 mm to 13 mm diameters) for reamed or undreamed techniques, enabling nail insertion over guide wire

All Synthes 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm reaming rods with ball tip may be removed through the nail and insertion handle assembly (no exchange tube required)

Advanced proximal locking options

Three locking options, in combination with dual-core locking screws, to increase the stability of the proximal fragment for proximal third fractures

Two state-of-the-art mediolateral (ML) locking options enable primary compression or secondary controlled dynamization

End caps

Gold end caps securely lock the most proximal oblique locking screw to create a fixed-angle construct

Gray end caps feature a lead-in design for easy end cap insertion and will block the two most proximal oblique locking holes so are to be used for standard transverse proximal locking

End caps protect nail threads from tissue ingrowth and facilitate nail extraction

Self-retaining T40 StarDrive Recess for easy pick-up and insertion of end cap

Cannulated for use over a guide wire, if necessary

0 mm end caps sit flush with nail

5 mm, 10 mm, and 15 mm end caps extend nail height if nail is overinserted

All locking screws for IM nails

Double-lead thread for more contact points enhances stability and ease of insertion

Thread close to screw head provides improved bone purchase in the near cortex and improved stability

Titanium alloy (TAN) for improved mechanical and fatigue properties

Self-tapping blunt tip

Self-retaining T25 StarDriveTM Recess allows improved torque transmission and increased resistance to stripping relative to a hex recess, and secure locking screw pick-up

Dual-core locking screws

Used for proximal locking in the metaphysis through the three proximal locking holes of all tibial nails

Dual-core design: smaller core (3.4 mm) for improved purchase in cancellous bone and larger core (4.3 mm) to withstand load-bearing from the nail

Lengths: 30 mm – 90 mm ( 5 mm increments non-sterile)

Standard locking screws for IM nails

Larger cross section for improved mechanical resistance

4.0 mm diameter for 8 mm and 9 mm tibial nails, lengths: 18 mm – 80 mm (2 mm increments)

5.0 mm diameter for 10 mm to 13 mm tibial nails, lengths: 26 mm – 80 mm (2 mm increments), 85 – 100 mm (5 mm increments)