Reconstruction System Occipitocervical Module is a “Three-in-One” system of options that provides adjustability, flexibility and adaptability to meet the anatomical challenges within the occipitocervical spine.

Product Catalog

VERTEX SELECTTM Reconstruction System is being brought to you in three phases of continuous improvement. With the addition of the Adjustable OC Plate to the VERTEX SELECTTM Occipitocervical Module, the first two phases of the comprehensive VERTEX SELECTTM Reconstruction System are complete.

Offering more occipitocervical options than any other commercially available system.

Features & Benefits

Adjustable OC Plate with rotating and translating saddles for flexibility in rod placement.

Low profile occipitocervical fixation options.

Versatile connection options from occiput to cervical spine.

Adjustable rods to account for variations in patient anatomy.

Flexible shaft and alternate angle instruments to address anatomical challenges that are particular to occipitocervical junction.

One 3.2mm drill bit for both occipitocervical screw diameters.

Adaptable with the current VERTEX MAX® Reconstruction System cervical-upper thoracic components.