A clavicle fracture is a break in the collarbone which is one of the important and supporting bones in the shoulder. This type of fracture is fairly common which occupies about 5 percent of all adult fractures. Most clavicle fractures occur when a person falls onto the shoulder or an outstretched arm puts enough pressure on the bone. It can be very painful and can make it hard to move your arm.

In clavicle fractures, it is essential to keep the arm and shoulder from moving while the bone heals. Thus it can be treated by wearing a sling. With some clavicle fractures, the pieces of bone move far out of place when the injury occurs. For such complicated fractures, surgery may be needed to realign the collarbone.


The clavicle is located between the shoulder and rib cage. It connects the arm to the body. The clavicle is located on many important nerves and blood vessels. However, these vital structures are rarely injured in the event of a fracture. The clavicle connects your arm to your rib cage which is part of your shoulder.

Clavicle fractures occur in people of all ages and it is very common. Most fractures occur in the shaft or middle portion of the bone. Sometimes, the bone will break where it attaches to the rib cage or shoulder blade. A clavicle fracture can vary as per the intensity of the injury. The bone can break into many pieces or crack just slightly. The broken pieces of bone may be far out of place or may line up straight. Thus it is important to take care of yourself in order to avoid such accidents.

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