The long bone of your upper arm is known as the Humerus. It extends from the shoulder to the elbow and it joins with the ulna and radius bones. Any break in this bone is referred to as a Humerus Fracture. A person may have either shoulder pain or elbow pain depending on where the fracture is and it takes several weeks for recovery.

Types of Humerus Fracture
Depending on the location of the crack, there are three types of Humerus Fracture-
Proximal- When there is a break in the upper part of the bone, it is called a proximal fracture. This causes shoulder pain as it is close to the shoulder.
Mid-shaft- This happens when there is a break in the middle of your humerus.
Distal- A distal humerus fracture occurs near the elbow. It is usually part of a more complex elbow injury and sometimes involves loose bone fragments.

What causes it?
Any Severe injury to the upper arm can result in a humerus fracture, but some are more likely to cause certain types. For example, falling with an outstretched arm can often cause mid-shaft and proximal humerus fractures. A high-impact crash, such as a car accident or football tackle, is more likely to cause a distal humerus fracture. If there is a medical condition where bones are becoming weaker, then humerus fracture may occur as a pathological fracture. This can lead to injuries and fractures from everyday activities that wouldn’t usually cause any injuries.

Things that can cause pathological humerus fracture-
Bone Cancer
Bone Infection
Bone Cysts or Tumors

This is the basic information about Humerus Fracture. We recommend you to visit a doctor after facing such issues. We hope this information adds value to your knowledge. Watch out this space for more such information. Greetings for SYS Medtech International PVT. LTD.