The pain or discomfort in the area of the chest that contains the sternum bone and the cartilage connecting it to the ribs is known as Sternum Pain. The sternum is located near the heart. Most people consider sternum pain with normal chest pain. Some people feel like having a heart attack while experiencing sternum pain. But in most cases, sternum pain is not related to the heart. It is caused primarily due to problems with the sternum or the nearby cartilage.

What is the sternum?

The sternum is known as the breastbone. This connects to the ribs with the cage. It has a flat shape. The sternum is part of the rib cage, a series of bones that protect the heart and lungs from injuries and accidents.

 Symptoms of sternum pain

Sternum pain is usually caused by muscles or bones surrounding the sternum where symptoms vary depending on the cause. The most common symptom is discomfort and pain in the center of the chest where the sternum is located. These are common symptoms of sternum pain-

  • Severe pain when raising the arms
  • Pain that worsens during deep breathing or coughing
  • Pain or discomfort in the ribs
  • Swelling in the upper chest
  • Mild, aching pain in the upper chest
  • Stiffness in the shoulder joints
  • Frequent belching
  • Bruising or swelling of a collarbone
  • Feeling too full
  • Grinding or popping sensation in the joints near the sternum
  • Throwing up blood
  • Heartburn
  • Difficulty breathing

This is the basic information about Sternum Pain. We recommend you to visit a doctor after facing such issues rather than experimenting with yourself. We hope this information adds value to your knowledge. Watch out this space for more such information. Greetings for SYS Medtech International PVT. LTD.