Tuberculosis of hip (Featured Image)

Tuberculosis of Hip Joint

Tuberculosis (TB) of the musculoskeletal system, thought accounts for only 1-3 % of total TB cases 1 however, as n fourth of all TB cases are in India. TB of the hip joint is comprised of 15% of all osteoarticular tuberculosis. The area of infection that is majorly targeted is,

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Septic Arthritis (Featured Image)

Septic Arthritis: Overview (causes, pathophysiology, treatment)

In this article, we are going to talk about septic arthritis. This is an introduction and overview. It is important to rule out septic arthritis as this can cause irreversible damage to the joint. Symptoms: Silent symptoms of septic arthritis include: Fever Monoarthritis (which means one inflamed joint) Inflammation of

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Metabolic Bone Disorders (Featured Image)

Metabolic Bone Disorders

This is a brief article on metabolic bone disorders. We are going to be talking about five bone diseases that are caused by disturbed bone metabolism. Any deviation from the above chart might be a result of a metabolic bone disorder. So, let’s jump into the first one, 1. Osteitis

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Pelvic fracture (featured Image)

Overview: Pelvic Fracture

Anatomy: A pelvic fracture is a disruption of the bony structures of the Pelvis. The pelvic is a ring made up of two innominate bones in the sacrum. The innominate bones are joint anteriorly at the pubic symphysis- a synchondrosis and posteriorly at the sacroiliac joints. The innominate bone is composed

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Biologics (Featured Image)

What is a Biologics / How it works?

What is biologics? Biologic drugs or biologics are produced from living organisms or comprise components of any living organisms. These are genetically engineered proteins targeting specific parts of the immune system to treat the medical indication. Biologics or biological products have significantly improved the treatment of diseases such as, Anemia

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Arthrodesis (Featured Image)

Arthrodesis: Joint Fusion to Relieve Arthritis pain

Anterior ankle fusion is an open surgical procedure that fuses or joins the ankle bones together. The ankle is the joint that connects the leg in the foot, the ankle joint includes the two lower leg bones called the tibia and fibula. And the ankle bone is called the talus.

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Types of Human Joints (Featured Image)

Types of Joints in the Human Body – Anatomy

Overview: A joint is defined as a connection between two bones in the skeleton. There are many ways in which joints can be classified. They can be classified according to their structure, their mobility, and their range of motion. Joint classification: Structure There are three distinct types- Synovial joint fibrous

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Causes of Hip Pain (Featured Image)

Causes of Hip Pain

What are the common causes of hip pain? Pain can arise from the structures that are within the hip joint or from the structures surrounding the hip joint. The most important thing is to ask the patient to locate the site of pain. Ask the patient to point at the

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